440 Molybdenum

Misono’s 440 Molybdenum knife series is built for ease of use. Due to a high demand for an extremely comfortable and practical “worker’s knife”, Misono constructed this model for cutting performance and comfort. It utilizes a water-resistant wooden handle built to fit the hand perfectly and is crafted out of high amounts of chromium and molybdenum stainless steel (16% -18% chromium) which makes its knives very durable, wear- and rust- resistant, and less prone to chipping than other assortments of stainless steel knives. The knives in this series are also easy to re-sharpen and comfortable to use during long working hours.


Misono’s 440 Molybdenum series is great for individuals who primarily need to rely on one knife for an extended period of time and use it to do rough work, and are great for beginners as well as professional cooks/chefs. Molybdenum’s toughness and wear-resistance, makes it an ideal blade steel for this purpose. We recommend this blade series for individuals who need a reliable knife. These knives can be sharpened with a sharpening steel (although we recommend the use of whetstones) and are very low maintenance knives.

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