Akazawa PM Honyaki ZDP189 Yanagi 300mm ( Sold Out , Pre-orderable )

Recommended for a professional chef or knife collector; if for chef then good sharpening skill is recommended.
This item is pre-orderable
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ZDP-189 knives are produced by Hitachi Metals Ltd and originated in Japan. ZDP-189 is a powdered “super steel” has a very high carbon and chromium alloy content within it. ZDP-189 knives are extremely hard knives with an HRC of 67+, thus requiring special forging and heat-treatment techniques to produce; ZDP-189 knives are rare for that reason and few are produced every year. However, its rarity is not for nothing. Because of its special heat-treatment technique/requirement, and therefore its immaculate hardness, its edge-retention ability is unreal. Sakai Akazawa’s ZDP-189 line only incorporates rare & limited knives, some with custom sayas but all with custom and unique traditional, octagonal hardwood handles.

Recommendation: Sakai Akazawa’s ZDP-189 knives are rare and limited knives that are created with a lot of detail and care all around, and are equipped with a ZDP-189 powdered “super steel”. They are largely recommended for professional cooks/chefs, or for collectors who are proficient at sharpening and maintaining knives. The knives in this series must be taken care of properly otherwise they will lose their artistic integrity as well as their ability to perform in the kitchen.


  • HRC:  67+
  • Blade: Single Bevel
  • Stain-Resistant Ability:  Yes
  • Blade Length: 300mm
  • Handle Material: Snakewood with Ivory Ring & Genuine Silver Bolster
  • Steel Type: ZDP189
  • Style: Yanagi, Sashimi Slicer
  • Classification: Powder metallurgy Honyaki
  • Cover: handcrafted & tailored genuine Snakewood & Ivory saya
  • Handmade details:★★★★☆
  • Condition: New