Ebony Saya Covers

Manufacturer’s Message:

As a handicraft-based manufacturing company, we specialize in producing fine, high-quality knife handles and scabbards that are incorporated with Japan's traditional style of craftsmanship. We always sincerely adhere to our business philosophy and provide superior quality products to our customers by continuously working to advance our craft.

With the recent upgrade to our manufacturing process, we now can provide handcrafted products at a lower cost while retaiming our product's quality. The advancement in our technique has enabled us to achieve our promise to provide exceptionally high quality products.

We are committed to always exceeding customers' expectations by providing high-quality, affordable products to every cook, chef and knife collector.

YanagiKnife devotes its time and capital  into research and development in order to obtain continuous improvement in production efficiency and to reduce labor cost. Regarding the material that we use to manufacture our products, all of the knife handles that we produce are wood-based and some parts of them contain sythentic ivory, buffalo horn, and sterling silver. We are confident that our knife handle and scabbard surface treatment is the best in the industry as we are highly skilled and experienced in the process of surface treatment for these items.

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