Akazawa's Chou Ao-Ko Whole Mirror Polished 300mm Honyaki Yanagi ( Sold Out , Pre-orderable )

We consider this item to be a collectors item. Although it can be used perfectly well in the kitchen and offer great cutting performance to its user.
This item is pre-orderable
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  • HRC: 67+
  • Blade: Single Bevel
  • Stain-Resistant Ability: No
  • Blade Length:300mm
  • Handle Material: Snakewood with White Ring & Genuine Silver Bolster
  • Steel Type: Super bule Steel
  • Style: Yanagi, Sashimi Slicer
  • Classification: Powdered metallurgy Honyaki
  • Cover: Handcrafted & tailored genuine Snakewood
  • Handmade details:★★★★
  • Condition: New