Grand Chef 系列

Sakai Takayuki’s Grand Chef edition sports a blade crafted out of high-quality Swedish stainless steel. In Sweden iron ore, that ore that is used to make steel, runs very rich, and so for many centuries metalworkers in Sweden worked to cultivate the ore and develop many metals with it, including steel for tools such as kitchen knives. This long-standing tradition of working with iron coupled with their naturally rich iron ore deposits is what gave Sweden its reputation for crafting high-quality steel knives. Because of their relatively low HRC, the knives in this series are easy to sharpen and re-sharpen. Each knife comes with a waterproof-resin impregnated black pakkawood handle that is embedded with a stainless-steel bolster.

Recommendation: The knives in this series are recommended for all cooks, but they are particularly good for beginning professionals and home-cooks as they are very easy to maintain and sharpen.