Akazawa Hokoshin (Yoshikazu-Ikeda+Ino Shinpei 伊野信平) 3 sides Mirror Ao-ko Honyaki Sakimaru 300mm

Recommended for a professional chef or knife collector; if for chef then good sharpening skill is recommended.
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Sakai Akazawa’s Ikeda series Made by Traditional craftsman Association Chairman Toshikazu Ikeda’s. HRC ranging from 63-65 .While the blade steel of the knives in this series are very hard and difficult to sharpen they keep their edge for a long time, making them practical knives that are an asset to the professional chef or cook. Additionally, the blade steel in this series is of a “Honyaki” variety. A “Honyaki” blade steel is crafted solely out of high-carbon steel and isn’t bonded with soft iron. “Honyaki” knives require a highly-skilled blacksmith with advanced forging and tempering knowledge to craft correctly and are therefore considered high-quality, luxury knives. The knives in this series require an individual with good sharpening skill and who knows how to use a whetstone in order to maintain them because their hardness makes them prone to chipping. 

Recommendation: Sakai Akazawa’s Ao-Ko Honyaki line is recommended for professional chefs, cooks and kitchens because they require advanced knife maintenance and sharpening skills. Additionally, the blades of the knives in this series rust when exposed to air and water and must be dried properly before being put away.

Buyer's Caution : All the mirror polish on ( Super-blue steel , Blue steel  #1 , White steel #1 ) will not completely shine , due to the characteristics of the steel . 


  • Grinding Sharpening By Master: Ino Shinpei 伊野信平
  • HRC:  63-65
  • Blade: Single Bevel
  • Stain-Resistant Ability: No
  • Blade Length: 300mm
  • Handle Material: 
  •  Color wood with Disorderly lines, Silver Bolster
  • Steel Type: Blue Steel #2
  • Style: Sakimaru
  • Classification: 3 sides Mirror Honyaki  Single Namiukashi ( Front side ).
  • Cover:Semi-handmade  red hard wood saya cover
  • Handmade details:★★★★
  • Condition: New