H-Inox 系列

Sakai Jikkoi’s Western Inox series sports a blade crafted out of AUS-8a steel (8A). 8A steel is a stainless steel. Its stain-, rust-, and wear-resistance ability is excellent. 8A steel typically has an HRC of 58, which is relatively low compared to other steels. However, because of its low hardness it is easy to sharpen and because of its “stainless” properties it is very easy to upkeep. The knives in this series are great for beginner cooks, either at the home or in a professional establishment because they are very durable and do not require exceptional sharpening skill. Sakai Takayuki’s Western Inox knives all come equipped with a Western-style Pakkawood handle that is embedded with a stainless-steel bolster.

Recommendation: The knives in this series are recommended for beginner cooks who are looking to get into high-quality kitchen knives but don’t feel that they are ready to make a big purchase. Because of 8A’s durability, easiness to sharpen, and stainless properties, the knives in this series are easy to maintain and make for the perfect “real” beginner’s knife.